Knaresborough Chamber of Trade has published a town guide for many years but decided in 2012 to commission AENDesign to completely redesign the 32 page booklet. The Discover Y Knaresborough guide was successfully launched district wide in March 2012 amid much attention and acclamation.
    The Chamber was absolutely delighted with the end result and the professional business relationship it developed with Andy Northing. Andy interpreted the design brief efficiently and effectively so we now have a town guide that is functional, user friendly, colourful and intelligently laid out. Advertisers are very pleased with the end result and so too is the local Tourist Information centre which hands out hundreds every week to visitors.
    AENDesign had also subsequently designed a colourful new logo for the Knaresborough Chamber of Trade. Andy was given completely free reign on the design concept and came up with a logo that cleverly reflects the towns two assets:- it's history and its beauty.
   Andrew Grinter
Knaresborough Chamber of Trade

    I employed Andy when I worked for a previous organisation. On setting up my own business I had no hesitation in asking him to come and work with me once again. He is easy to work with and never misses a deadline. The quality of his work has assisted us in becoming a major UK national company.
    Stephen Armstrong,
Managing Director, Armstrong Direct Ltd
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